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Client wants a proposal to add color to front entrance patio.   1. Hedge replacement – Podocarpus 6′ tall- Removal of existing hedge, installation of 48 linear feet of Privacy Hedge. 2. Add palm/plant on both sides of main door: Licuala-peltata-elegans, Lipstick palm 3. Replace half of “Petra” Crotons with “Sloppy painter” ones. (green/yellow) 4. Add mulch, light brown 5.Increase color palette with Gaillarda, Foxtail fern, mondo grass, Lipstick Palm 6.Clearing out, trimming palms/plants/tree branches 7. Add Fresh scents with Gardenia, Jasmin trees. [powr-multi-slider id=6fd2d9a3_1484146800]